It is believed that only two exist. Average Thickness (mm) 2.9. var google_conversion_id = 999718860; Emanuel Otto Hahn (30 May 1881 – 14 February 1957) was a German-born Canadian sculptor and coin designer. ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA / … Gold Nugget, $1.00 Australian, 1/2 oz. Note: 1981 was the first year that the RCM issued two different qualities of silver dollars. 23.1 g: 36 mm: Proof: 30,000. Weight 23.33 g. KM#54. Most have the standard voyageur design by Emanuel Hahn although 1939, 1949, 1958, 1964 and 1967 have other commemorative designs. The result was that there were differences in the appearance of the coins from year to year. Weight (g) Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) 1858 - 1859. However, because there was a delay of new master dies being shipped from the UK to reflect this change, the Mint continued to produce 1947 year coins with a small Maple Leaf by the date to denote they were actually minted in 1948. Six different varieties of the Pointed 7 exist. Diameter: 36mm. Coin Highlights: Contains .600 oz of Silver. Silver Maple Leaf, 1/2 oz. Sitemap. Time left 3d 15h left. The finish is classified as a brilliant relief on a brilliant background. He co-founded and was the first president of the Sculptors' Society of Canada. Of course, the coins also have a legal tender face value of CAD $20. The centre portion of the effigy was to feature two lines on the shoulder. id.push(document.getElementsByClassName('prodthumbcell')[i].getElementsByTagName('img')[0].src.split("/")[4].split(". Cross, p. 160, The Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario. ), 1 oz. Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, W.K. After 1967, the dollar coin was made of nickel, except for non-circulating commemorative issues for the collector market, which continue to contain silver. Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, 60th W.K. ecomm_prodid: id, 2 bids. In 1970, 1971, 1973, and 1974, the series was interrupted for circulating commemorative nickel dollars. The large beads on the obverse of the coin define varieties 3 and 4. First we would suggest placing the coins in either 2x2 coin holders or plastic capsules to protect them individually. Cross, p. 544, The Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario, "In the summer of 1967 the silver content of the dime and quarter were reduced from 80% to 50% and production of 50-cent pieces and dollars for general circulation was stopped.". Country: Canada. Reeded. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $10.00 shipping. Time left 9d 12h left. Its weight is 7.78 grams, a diameter of 31.82 mm, and a thickness of 1.50 mm. Cent Cornet (1816 ~ 1836), 1 oz. $10 Platinum Eagle, Half Dime 1794 ~ 1805, Gold $2 1/2 Capped Head To Left (reduced diameter) 1829 ~ 1839, Gold $2 1/2 Capped Head To Left 1829 ~ 1834, Shield Nickel, Gold $2 1/2 (1796 ~ 1828), $3 Gold, ¼ oz. Reviews. Legal Tender. Comments. Ten varieties of the 1947 Voyageur Dollar exist. 44.45mm x 5.4mm : 1oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1oz Canadian Wildlife Series: H39: 39mm x 3.17mm. Some variances in coin size and weight occurred over time, especially as the value of silver … // Detailed information about the coin 1 Dollar, Elizabeth II (2nd portrait), Canada, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, … 1967 marked the end of the silver dollar as a business strike, or a coin issued for circulation. Learn more Paget), Blunt 7 with a double punched HP under the effigy of His Majesty King George VI, 1947 with the Maple Leaf near the 7 with a double punched HP under the effigy of His Majesty King George VI, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 18:05. 1971-2018 Canadian, US silver dollars $1 issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in proof, brilliant uncirculated, and specimen finishes. $100 Platinum Eagle, US Half Dollars (1794 ~ 1836), 1/2 oz. The next three graphics detail each type of variety. [1] It was then replaced with the 1987 Canadian 1-dollar coin (colloquially known as the "loonie"). Those specifications mean that each Maple Leaf Commemorative Coin is composed of approximately one quarter ounce of pure silver. The voyageur design was used on the dollar until 1986. You will automatically receive a free paper copy of our printed catalog with your first order. American Eagle $25 Gold, ½ oz. In addition to removing the water lines, this modified reverse was different because the image of the canoe on the coin had a larger islet tip at the right end. The Voyageur design should include the tip of the island to the right of the canoe. KM#496. Silver Maple Leaf: 38mm x 3.29mm: 1 oz. As these lines did not appear very well, it was commonly termed the No Shoulder Strap by many collectors. Canadian coins were in fact produced in England until the Royal Canadian Mint opened its doors in 1901. It now, however, was struck in pure nickel with the diameter reduced from 36 mm to 32 mm, as Canada's coinage was debased from silver to nickel. Money Metals is proud to offer a selection of 1.5 oz silver coins from the RCM Royal Canadian Mint. 1oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1oz Canadian Wildlife Series: H39: 39mm x 3.17mm. The one ounce Silver Canadian Bald Eagle coin contains 99.99% pure silver crafted in a brilliant bullion finish. United States and other countries common coin sizes below. Philharmonic Gold, 1 oz. The small beads on the obverse of the coin define varieties 1 and 2. Please also take a look at our new US Coin Reference Chart sorted by Face Value for our Coin Cases or take a look at our wide variety of coin cases and other coin collecting supplies available. There is a pointed 5 (the point is at the bottom) while there is another version with a blunt 5 (the bluntness is at the bottom of the 5 too). Coin value - $2-3. We have many different types available and they are all designed to fit each coin perfectly. Engraver: Obverse: Arnold Machin, Walter Ott, Reverse: Emanuel Hahn, Thomas Shingles Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins originally ship from the mint in two bulk packaging options. The Monster … The rear jewel on Queen Elizabeth II's tiara is well attached. Own This Beautiful Canadian .9999 Fine Silver Maple Leaf Coin. ... 1985 Canada Silver Dollar In Canadian Commemorative Coins, Lunar Gold (Series 1), 1 oz. 8 - 1965 Canadian Silver Dollars Estate Sale VG MS PL 800 $1 Lot. 2 bids. var price = document.getElementsByClassName('plaintextbold')[2].innerHTML.split("$")[1].replace(" ",'').replace(" ",''); Any Quantity . The coinage for the year featured the new effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Minted en masse for circulation from 1935 through 1967, these coins carry an 80% silver composition and are just a couple millimeters smaller in diameter than a typical United States silver dollar, at 36.06 for the Canadian Dollar versus 38.1 millimeters for U.S. silver dollars. Edge. var google_tag_params = { 1953-1967 Elizabeth II - 80% Silver Half Dollar Canadian Silver Dollars: 1920-1936 George V - 80% Silver Dollar 1937-1952 George VI - 80% Silver Dollar 1953-1967 Elizabeth II - 80% Silver Dollar Canadian silver coin values based only on total silver value and weight. // $25 Platinum Eagle, Half Cent Liberty Cap 1793, 20 Cent Piece (1875 ~ 1878),$4 Gold Stella, ½ oz. The reverse shows the design of a Northwest Coast First Nations totem pole with mountains in the background. { Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop: 38mm: $8 1.5 oz Silver Canadian $8 Polar Bear: 45mm: $10 Canada: China Coin Size Chart: Coin Diameter: Coin Type: 13.9mm: 1/20 oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop * H38 is 3.17mm deep, cap may not close completely but fit is acceptable: 38mm x 4.5mm: X38mm* n/a: $8 1.5 oz Silver Canadian $8 Polar Bear The normal planchet has a weight of 15.62 grams, a diameter of 32.13 mm, and a thickness of 2.50 mm. [6] Later on in the year, the Royal Canadian Mint's Chief engraver Thomas Shingles lowered the relief of the model and strengthened the shoulder and hair details. Cross, Editor, pp. Each commemorative coin is struck to specimen quality from 99.99% pure silver to a diameter of 27mm. (Mint condition 1948 coins are worth over CA$2,000 as of July 2019[update]. Empty case for modern Canadian silver dollars 2007 - date (no coin included) The case is designed to hold a 2007 or newer silver dollar from Royal Canadian mint (but none are included):. The faint lines in the background represent the Northern Lights. Since its introduction in 1988, the iconic Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf (SML) has been a highly sought-after bullion investment coin. Diameter (mm) 35.9. Please give us a call at 877-395-SAFE if you have any questions. The Silver Maple Leaf is legal tender.The face value is 5 Canadian dollars.The market value of the metal varies, depending on the spot price of silver.The 99.99% silver content makes the coin among the finest official bullion coins worldwide. The 1955 dollars caught the interest of many collectors and it was this version that led to the term Arnprior being applied to any dollar with an appearance of missing water lines. Find your coin in the full list of Canadian coins with photos, prices and values using easy filtering by country, denomination, metal, category and year Hailing from the Royal Canadian Mint, the silver Bald Eagle coin weighs 31.11 grams, has a diameter of 38 mm and a face value of 5 dollars (CAD). // The 'Toonie' has a life span approximately 20 times longer than paper currency and is manufactured using a distinctive bi-metallic coin locking mechanism patented by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, W.K. Having debuted in 1979, the Royal Canadian Mint’s bespoke, Maple Leaf coin range has enjoyed unprecedented success. Koala, 1/2 oz. 1985 Canada Silver Dollar In Canadian Dollars, Canadian Silver Dollar, 1984 Canadian Silver Dollar In Canadian Dollars, 1985 Canada Silver Dollar In Canadian Commemorative Coins, 1986 Canadian Silver Dollar In Canadian Dollars, Canadian Dollar Coins, Silver Morgan Dollars 1878-1921, Silver US Dollar Coins, Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coins, //

Our lineup of available silver coins would not be complete without this iconic coin from north of the border.. The 1957 dollar had a reverse that was considered an Arnprior. Cent Bust (1796 ~ 1807), Lg. 1935 - 1967 Composition: 80% silver, 20% copper Weight (g): 23.3 Diameter (mm): 36.06 Thickness (mm): 2.84 The first one ounce Silver Maple Leaf was issued in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), the design is a continuation of that first concevied for the gold maples in 1979. 95% copper, 4% tin, 1% zinc. Royal Canadian Mint Royal Canadian Mint Canadian Silver Dollar $1 Face Value Circulation 80% Pure Silver Coin Each silver dollar ($1 face value) contains approximately 0.6 oz of silver. Cap (1793 ~ 1796), Lg. [3] The Arnprior type configurations tended to consist of 2 and ½ water lines at the right. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop * H38 is 3.17mm deep, cap may not close completely but fit is acceptable: 38mm x 4.5mm: X38mm* n/a: $8 1.5 oz Silver Canadian $8 Polar Bear The ten varieties can be placed into three distinct categories: the Pointed Seven, the Blunt Seven, and the Maple Leaf issue. Cent Wreath, Lg. Copyright 2021. The second version was the Brilliant Uncirculated. Canadian Silver Dollar Value Chart. CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA 1858 1958 DOLLAR . Face Value: $1, Mintage: 744,848, Composition: 50% Silver, 50% Copper, Weight (g): 23.30, Diameter(mm): 36.07, Finish: Specimen Silver Koala & Silver Kookaburra, 2 oz Koala Gold, 1 oz. Silver Rounds (Christmas, etc. For 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf and all other 38.00 mm Diameter Coins. DOLLAR / CANADA / 1963 / Canoe travelers. Cent Classic (1808 ~ 1814), Lg. Gold Sovereign, 1/4 oz. Maple Leaf. $114.75. Cross, p. 158, The Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario. These were the last years that the Canadian Silver dollar was made for circulation. Aside from its date, the 1948 Canada Dollar at first glance may appear nearly identical to its other King George VI Dollar counterparts, with its 80% silver content, weight of 23.33 grams, diameter of 36.06 millimeters, and reeded edge. 1935 - 1967 Composition: 80% silver, 20% copper Weight (g): 23.3 Diameter (mm): 36.06 Thickness (mm): 2.84 for(i=0;i
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