That is the strength of my distaste. A song like "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" has a quicker punk aspect to them, but still bring much brutality. Persönlich würde ich mir insgeheim etwas mehr Innovationskraft wünschen, gerne auch mal ein stilistisches Abschweifen dieser gestandenen Riege von Profi-Musikern (die jede Note mithilfe ihres Produzenten traumwandlerisch an die richtige Stelle platzieren) - wohl wissend, dass die meisten Fans das kaum goutieren würden. Autopsy simply picked up where Severed Survival left off. , INQUISICION That said, the core songs here are almost without exception incredible. Scratch that, I can talk about one song, a song which many an overenthusiastic death metal fan has played me expecting me to instantly love it. It is strange and disgusting, full of horrid doom and sludge but still entirely amazing death metal. Autopsy Mental Funeral. It's not like it's even the same tempo as the electric guitar that concludes "Dark Crusade." This, I think, kept their originality flowing. After releasing their debut, Autopsy seemed to have reached their prime rather quickly. With death’n’roll I don’t want to say “last Entombed” because there are a lot of differences. Well take the lead, and look up their early killing sprees. In itself, that isn't good but even worse is the fact that there was definitely room to improve from SS, and the band could've made such a good record. His vocal style can be directly traced to that of Tom G. Warrior; just imagine the vocals of Satanic Rites with 7 years of advancing death metal brutality laid on them, and perhaps some decapitated genitals in Reifert’s mouth as well. Tracks wie ´Devil With An Angel Smile´ oder das orientalische Einflüsse verarbeitende ´Magic Woman Chile´ (´Kashmir´, anyone?) , AURA NOIR Nihilist/Entombed, Grave, Dismember, etc. Mental Funeral is an apt title for an album that really plumbs the terrifying psychological depths in a way that most other DM bands just don’t manage to do. Feel free to mail me about the exceptions in today’s world, for I am too sick of contemporary death metal to actively keep following it any more. then Autopsy’s Mental Funeral is the classic Evil Dead! So kann ich hier nicht mehr als sieben Punkte vertreten, da die Höhepunkte zu rar gesät sind. The thing that drew me to this album was how unrestrained the music is, but also how patient it is. In the slower parts it is either standard doom metal riffs with heavy powerchords that sloooooowly moves the music forward, or Black Sabbath inspired riffs where two guitars play a melody, one light and one dark. There are a few early era Sabbath influences here on the guitars. This album is almost two decades old, and it still mops the floor with all other death metal released in the succeeding years. Why couldn't they just put the acoustic guitar alone, without the electric fading out, as "Mental Funeral"? Not only is this a classic album from an era of music so influential, but this is also the best representation of Autopsy's sound. In the late 60s and 70s, Hammer, Amicus and Tigon studios produced these great portmanteau films, that were usually around four separate stories that sometimes had one interlinking theme. Rock Hard Verlags- und Handels- GmbH Each track is a separate entity, and damned good ones at that. There is a multitude of little rhythmic tricks that initially go unnoticed, but as one realizes how seamlessly the odd time signatures and other such surprises are set in the bigger picture, it heightens the listening experience even further; an underlying complexity permeates an album created by some guys who just wanted to record “brutal shit”. Auweia - 'ne zwiespältige Sache, die neue AUTOPSY-LP. Well, I’m trivialising of course but the point is, I couldn’t ‘get’ why a full length album on a ‘big’ label could sound like this. Generell kann man sagen, daß AUTOPSY hier definitiv einen Rückwärtsschritt getan haben. 4.5 out of 5. It's one of those rare records, that "works" every time. Autopsy didn't jump up to sound like bands pumped out of New York or Tampa. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2003 CD release of Mental Funeral on Discogs. Spouting out more shock and horror like approaches to their atmosphere. Auweia - 'ne zwiespältige Sache, die neue AUTOPSY-LP. Again, this is not a band whose albums melt my flesh off like various other fundamental classics. In 1991, a sound was beginning to take form. ist zwar der spürbare Antrieb der Songs, die Aha-Momente finden aber eher im Hintergrund statt. Though I never thought of it as a classic. "Slaughterday", "In the Grip of Winter", and "Dead" are all very reminiscent to Black Sabbath and other doom influences. Although, there is the occasional higher-volumed reverbed-out detailed solo, spotted like pestering sores throughout the album. 3. I imagine this is probably the favourite record of your favourite death metal band. Info: VÖ: 22. Along with Reifert's great vocal delivery he really shows his skill behind the kit. This was neither the fastest nor the most technical band in existence then, and it would be even farther from that status in today’s world where Niles and Cryptopsies reign. In contrast, when a modern death metal band goes into 7/8 time, you’ll be certain to hear them hailed as “progressive”, “inventive” and “different”. And it's not only impressive that he has this range, but that he does both very well. Not many bands can pull that off effectively, especially surrounded by many other groups who are attempting to do just that. With the bad part of this album out of the way, let's get on with what's great about this record. First of all, it's not your typical death metal release. The riffing is amazing on this album with songs like, "Dead", "Destined to Fester", and "Dark Crusade". DREAD SOVEREIGN, Alans Vehikel für All Things Doom, liefern jetzt ihr drittes Vollalbum ab und haben dafür u.a. I suppose, I should address a creeping elephant in the room. Mehr Classic-Rock-Einflüsse als beim Albumvorgänger „Raised On Rock“ hat die Band diesmal an Bord und orientiert sich hörbar an den ganz Großen des Genres. These screams give the album some variety and amazing atmosphere. Good songs (all four of them) need to be teased out of the woodwork carefully instead of being apparent when the record started. Dieses Fingerspitzengefühl vermisse ich hier bei AUTOPSY, denn die langsamen Passagen sind zu langatmig und werden auf die Dauer nervtötend. Like, what the hell? While "Severed Survival" is also a classic album, "Mental Funeral" beats it out as Autopsy's best. "Dark Crusade" is a straight rager not unlike "Twisted Mass...", with incredibly churning and thick guitar tones that alternate between a grinding, d-beat momentum and neanderthal breakdowns. as always, so no comment there. "In the Grip of Winter" 4:08: 3. There are Cannibal Corpse albums less disturbing than this. Review Autopsy The Tomb Within. Hear the hideous doom and gloom that opens up “Torn From the Womb”; the lead is tense and worrisome, and the verses switch between a crushing, bouncy rhythm and that miserable lead again, with a few unprecedented bursts of speed to remind you THAT THE KILLER IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU! -autothrall There are Cannibal Corpse albums less disturbing than this. While plenty of early death metal is catchy and features "shout at the stage, bang your head" choruses, it's not often the riffs that have a real hummable quality. There are plenty of mesmerizing back and forth higher noted interlude like pieces, where the hi-hat will count off or use the tom drums as a ritualistic technique. Well its name is "Dark Crusade", and I don't love it, I fucking loathe it. Review by sonictheplumber USER (116 Reviews) July 31st, 2020 | 16 replies. As depraved as this material is, it still taps into that "macabre nursery rhyme" vibe that was present in the classic works of Alice Cooper. Autopsy is in control and has you in their grasp, and they’re a bit too deranged to properly answer your shrieked pleas for mercy in ways that don’t involve blunt objects and holes torn in skin. I've always felt whenever I listen to a death metal classic I feel some moments of the albums make them seem like one large song, or a compilation of really long songs separated into different tracks so that they seem different. oder ´They Come Alive´, mal sind´s die im positiven Sinne beinahe klebrigen Refrain-Hooks wie in ´There Will Be Blood´ oder ´The Flamekeeper´, die Energie injizieren und dabei eine angenehme Nachhaltigkeit vermitteln, die lediglich in den ruhigsten Momenten, am Anfang des Titeltracks zum Beispiel, ein wenig wankt, dann, wenn Frontmann Miika Kokko tatsächlich eher wie King Diamond mit Rückenschmerzen tönt und nicht wie der stolze Warrior von nebenan, dem man ein teures Priest-Bootleg blind abkaufen würde. The ominous lamentations of a stoned warlock. Another reason for this incredible power is the fact that the record functions both on a conceptual level (that being, umm, brain death or morbidity, I guess) and as an brilliantly well-put together collection of horror. Bassist Steve Cutler has a few highlighted moments in “Torn From the Womb” and “Destined to Fester”, and the generally low-tuned sound of the strings in all Autopsy releases is ideally displayed on this album. “Hole In the Head” and “Destined To Fester” are really sick in the guitars parts while the instrumental “Bonesaw” is on total speed. In fact, the average tempo of this album is probably far below any other death metal artists from around the same time or today. The way 'Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay' segues into 'In the Grip of Winter' is like a masterful directorial cut behind two tales of the macabre. avancieren. She asked me why I liked Acrostichon melodies and very slow sections but not Autopsy. 2009, CD, Peaceville Records (Remastered), 2011, CD + DVD, Peaceville Records (Slipcase, 20th anniversary edition, Remastered). Mental Funeral is a grisly incantation of carnal death and doom that marks the pinnacle of their career, and while it's perhaps not the most perfect of albums I've heard, it's consistent with the debut while at the same time surpassing it. Natürlich wirken diese Einfälle nur, weil die Musik so makellos gut ist. It just didn’t get it. In what can only be described as a stroke of genius, Autopsy expertly maneuver their way through this minefield to execute these dynamics. Mental Funeral took on a darker edge since the debut, as well as added many different engaging characteristics to their aura. Personally, I was not a huge fan of the three shorter vignettes here. Also, regarding the opener, I wonder if that is a nod to the Poe story, 'Hop Frog'? Culter shines on some nice breaks on, "Torn from the Womb" and "Destined to Fester" that bring a dramatic suspense to the songs. Mental Funeral is a very odd album. Broken, jagged teeth sticking out at unnatural angles, twitching claws ready to lash out without the slightest provaction. Tracklist: 01. Even though anyone with ears worth their salt loves Autopsy, it's safe to say that a fair few people - even those who were death metal fans otherwise -​would have listened to this and have thought "What the hell is wrong with these sickos?". Preferring a rumbling, sloppy mid-paced bulldoze, in comparison to say, Morbid Angel’s surgical, lightning speed precision, there’s something delightfully sick about their sound. You really can't stay indifferent to the last minute of In the Grip of Winter up to and including Torn From the Womb. Even Black Sabbath wasn't all that great at making moments like this scary. the picture disc itself looks fantastic and the music still stands the test of time. (RH 365, 2017), NAPALM DEATH "Torn from the Womb" has a great tasteful solo in the vein of Slayer or Morbid Angel. Reifert's drumming amazes me per release, because he is constantly upping himself with creative detail. Mental Funeral is the album that took me from love of Florida and New York bands like Cannibal Corpse and Deicide to every other genre of death metal and regions of the world that produce it. Autopsy play fucking brutal and sick; the tempos change so many times and in a song like “Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay” we can have up tempo or doomy, rotten mid paced parts. Die Beethoven-Adaptionen in ´Symphony Of Pain´ sind irre lässig integriert, das abschließende, Klassik-inspirierte Instrumental ´Samson And Delilah´ fungiert als mehrstimmiger Ohrenschmaus. Talking about the words. Overall, the album is scary, strange, evil, twisted, sadistic, gory, perverted trip... lyrically and musically. There's the moderately interesting title track, which I do believe is a pretty sweet acoustic closer, but other than that they're just unnecessary, breaking up the pace which I'd need to be more interested in this album. Tatsächlich steht die Wahl dieses eher obskuren Demofrühwerks aber stellvertretend für genau die eine Geschmacksnote zu viel, die „Alchemical Warfare” (ja, genau: Slayer) in der Gesamtschau leider etwas gestaltlos erscheinen lässt: Getragene, kilometertief ausholende Schwere bleibt die Kernkompetenz des Trios ('The Great Beast We Serve'), der gelegentliche Anstrich von Rotz'n'Rumpel funzt dagegen leider nicht so recht. The safety of the womb is gone - 88% autothrall, April 9th, 2011 Anthropological, metallurgical studies can often reveal interesting traits that slipped through my attention, and one of these is to observe trends within particular movements and scenes. Autopsy - Mental Funeral - Music. (00:00) Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay02. Like the character Two-Face from Batman. Overall he supplied an amazing display of skill and along with his drum tone it really makes this album's atmosphere depressing in a good way. Other tracks take a combination of the two and bring a more modern death metal attitude to them. It was in the form of this monster and was the result of enough factors to make the album cover a photograph of this thing if it ever breathed life and took shape. Simply put, this might be an "ewww" album for some but I highly doubt it's an "eh" album for very many. Played it a few times and actually disliked it. Wenn AUTOPSY-Mastermind Chris Reifert meint, daß Scott Burns-Produktionen der größte Mist sind, dann muß ich gestehen, daß ich den "größten Mist" dieser Produktion mit Pappkarton-Drums und viel zu verzerrten Gitarren vorziehe. Steve's brother Eric Cutler as well as Danny Coralles bring the heavy doom riffs for this record. As opposed to the generic Slayerisms you hear in most bands of this sort (wank on that whammy bar for all yer worth between uninspired bursts of random atonal notes--leave that to Slayer, guys), the solo in say, "Robbing The Grave" leaves the average death metal idiot in the dust. Sonically, Mental Funeral is a lot like that, if the childbirth took place in an open grave in an ancient, rotting graveyard rather than a pristine hospital, and the presiding OB/GYN expert decided that a sledgehammer would be the best tool to use during the procedure. Shifting from the more raucous scene to the midwestern corpulent man, shifting corpses in mid-winter. While shadowing at a hospital, I met the parents of an infant unlucky enough to be born with gastroschisis, and they told me horrific experience that their childbirth was: all of the simultaneous greatness and disgust the miracle of birth already provides, combined with the heartbreak and intense worry of your child’s safety due to its organs being strewn about while it is delivered from the womb. Reifert's vocals (his range is inhuman, going from a rotten grunt to a shriek in a matter of milliseconds. Man muss gut auch einfach mal gut sein lassen. Mental Funeral competed intentionally, or possibly unintentionally and uncaring to various other death metal groups, and would prove a more than worthy second album. You'd get a voodoo story, a vampire one (featuring norks, usually) and the story of an elderly man in a toy shop, whose cursed toys are subject of some macabre fancies... and then your narrator would link them all together at the end with some sort of "the frogurt is also cursed" message. My arguments were swept from the table and it all came down to personal taste. If you're one of those kinds of folks where it's not death metal if it isn't fast, than closing number Dark Crusade should slice you into a million pieces just as you want, along with the aforementioned Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay. Read more. Playing amazing rolls like that on, "Slaughterday", "Dead", and "Bonesaw". The snare drum sound is like a can, so raw and good. Yes, its heavy-as-balls death metal with riffs all over the place, dynamic tempos and superfast guitar solos, but the first thing that becomes apparent is how wholly disgusting, dirty, filthy it all is. Both guitars often work in unison and at other times place the accent mark at the end of riffs. After putting this record on the first thing that hits you is a monstrous scream from drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert that slams you in the face. Charming track really and still marvellous to this day. Autopsy is a big name in death metal, but their Mental Funeral album rarely gets the credit it deserves as a classic. Despite some songwriting issues that I find extremely annoying, this album is pretty damn good. Und mit ´The Best Is Yet To Come´ liefert Mark Tornillo inmitten einer grässlichen Pandemie den schönsten Text seiner Karriere. A series of images: 01. Check the title track if you want a ton morbidity in 37 seconds of arpeggios. Building on the underlined doom influences of the previous album, Autopsy takes their music in a new and refreshing direction and creating one of the finest doom/death albums out there. Every song (even the short instrumental interludes) have riffs that just sound awesome and evil. Autopsy keep doing what they were doing. Review. But regardless, this is a band who produced a block of brutally reliable output when the genre was at its most fresh and inviting, and Mental Funeral belongs in any exhumation of classic ideas. Track listing. verbeugen sich knietief vor Led Zeppelin, während ´Eyes Full Of Tears´ oder ´Flesh & Bone´ perfekte Whitesnake-Ersatzdrogen geben. His tom drum chops are a cool feature with the slower moving riffs. Other than slows this album has a great deal of murderous screams like tracks such as "Dead" and "Slaughterday". "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" is a writhing, hardcore/death pounder in the vein of Sweden's Entombed, while "In the Grip of Winter" expands upon the doom and groove of the previous year's EP Retribution for the Dead, possessed of some evil, repulsive morbidity to die for. In fact, I would go as far to call it a Swedish sound. In unserer ausführlichen Titelstory hat Matthias ja bereits jedes Album-Detail mit der Lupe untersucht, fehlt eigentlich nur noch ein Resümee eines anderen Autoren, um den Gesamteindruck abzurunden. Here in the 21st century, it's become 'cool' again to delve into the primitive extremity minus the technical wizardry in which the 'other half' live, but Chris Reifert and his troupe had already decided on this path 20 years ago to date. Which makes the most vicious homicidal maniac, in the act, look like a choir boy. When I hear it, I imagine the members of Autopsy gleefully frolicking through rolling hills of poppy fields and oak trees, except intestines are strewn about the tree branches, the sky is raining down piss and shit, and there are always children screaming. Review Autopsy 4 The Headless Ritual. Other than riffs the solos are very fast and climactic. Aber noch besser ist die zurückhaltende Art, wie er die Botschaft vermittelt. Miserable pathetic death by hammering guitars are provided by Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles, and their guitar style is more or less of that of the necroguttural nebulous death/black/doom/thrash/bloody vomit stylings of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, forced into a death metal medium like a fist into a corpse’s anus. Of course, songs like “Slaughterday” and “Robbing the Grave” bring the riffs and bring them painfully hard, but Cutler and Coralles’ guitar leads are unexpectedly adept as well. Und so ist „Too Mean To Die“ in erster Linie eine weitere Variante der Alben seit „Blood Of The Nations“ (2010): perfekt gespielter, messerscharf riffender Heavy Metal mit Tornillos röhrender Reibeisenstimme, die von Platte zu Platte selbstsicherer und besser wird. 44058 Dortmund , NILE Very neat) (02:15) In the Grip of Winter03. Auch im produktionstechnischen Bereich gibt's reichlich zu bemängeln. Once again, we've got an album that has transformed into a virtual recycling bin of ideas. That's where the fun ends, though. So what of these non-abortion tracks then? I went through this brief Autopsy phase recently, and during these phases I go through where I like a band a lot, I'll listen to all of their material and purchase albums. Apparently famous 4-stringer Steve DiGorgio played bass on Autopsy’s debut and an EP following this album, but Cutler certain makes due here and DiGorgio is hardly missed at all. Maybe some people fuck dead bodies. Just as I feared would happen, Autopsy got above their station when conceiving their second album and follow up to the all-round enjoyable Severed Survival, trying to incorporate doom and prog rock moments into a confused, nightmarish mess of a sophomore. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2017 Gatefold Vinyl release of Mental Funeral on Discogs. I think the best music can often be judged in terms of the images in conjures in your mind and, in this sense, Autopsy are certainly the death metal band whose work gives me ​the creeps most often (in the best possible sense, of course). , URFAUST No budget, practically no special effects. But all that matters is the fact that you don’t know, you never will and you’ll probably die a violent death at its hands regardless. Other highlights of Mental Funeral include epic Hole In The Head with its creepy dual harmony riff serving as a bookend to 5 minutes of absolute misery, both fast & slow. Steve Culter supplies bass on this record and does a good job. The definitive example of this is the track "In The Grip of Winter," which at first sounds like a thrash break of opener Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay. Autopsy have remained somewhat unsung heroes of the scene since splitting, but it’s not hard to trace the influences that this record must surely have had on bands like Entombed, who share Autopsy’s love of the demonic Slayer-esque split harmonies that pepper the album. Now the music. His vocals are quite versatile here, they can be mainly deep fluctuating growls, to extended screams. Nach drei (natürlich im Rock Hard vorgestellten) Vinyl-Singles/EPs zwischen 2016 und 2019 (sowie der zusammenfassenden CD-only-Compilation „Past Of“) nun also das kurze, aber schmerzlose Full-length-Debüt der Finnen. Especially compared to the dark portrait displayed here on Mental Funeral. Instead, in Autopsy´s case, it is the feeling that matters. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Autopsy - Mental Funeral at Discogs. Mental Funeral is a death metal music album recording by AUTOPSY released in 1991 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. This is good to visit the occasional song but as an album it leaves a rather sour taste on the tongue. Just how it should be. But Reifert’s vocals really take the gore-frosted cake here: the man has a sick, sick growl that makes me feel diseased just hearing him. This album has dynamics and character to spare, and is enthusiastically recommended to everyone. Autopsy first called it quits in 1995. I do vaguely remember one Eric Cutler song which sounded about as original as a track by Drake, but that's about it. In the meantime, I’ll cherish this classic like a Mongol cherishes his horse. It sure was different from many of the other acts in the genre that I listen to, because they never try to be the fastest, most brutal and technical band in the world. Early Paradise Lost, similar to Autopsy, would produce a brand of slower death-doom on their demos and debut. Very rarely does death metal seem to convey the sensation of being killed or worse, but Mental Funeral succeeds at just about every turn. They capture the essence of a sick, sadistic sort of evil that Autopsy embodies musically. The sound engineering (everything about this album's sound engineering is amazing: the balance of treble, mid, and bass on the guitars, the pungent sound of the bass, the minimalist [and by that I mean lack of 100% focus on the snare and kick-drums] focus on the drums which are still audible but don't dominate the sound like most drums do) Bands wie Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake und vor allem Led Zeppelin werden extrem geschmackssicher zitiert und lassen „Locked & Loaded“ zur perfekten Scheibe für den heimischen Spieleabend (bei welcher Band habe ich das schon mal ähnlich gehört?) Some clean moody clean guitar work is also present on the closing track, "Mental Funeral" which gives the album a great creepy ending that seems like something from a 80's horror flick. It was Autopsy's climatic peak with accumulated qualities. Mental Funeral leans in a wholly opposite direction to artists like Pestilence or Death, whose goals were to transcend the brutality of their roots, or transport them on a generational starship into the unknown. One has to feel the beauty of second rate horror movies. After this album they put out the 'Fiend for Blood' EP which was half working, half not. Proving all wrong with the release of their sophomore album, "Mental Funeral", in 1991. I don't admire the songwriting quite so much as a Left Hand Path, Cause of Death, Realm of Chaos, Leprosy, Consuming Impulse or Altars of Madness. Just as much of a case could be made for Mental Funeral as a doom metal classic as death, because a large portion of the material crawls along like a convocation of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and old school Paradise Lost. , NIGHT DEMON - »Gott will das nicht« , ABBATH Several groups with cross-genres, such as Doom, and Paradise Lost. And! I understand that this is allegedly a legendary death metal album but if you want quality death metal and quality Autopsy then listen to the debut, or any other earlier release. Und auch musikalisch knüpft das Album mit seinen vor allem überlangen Kompositionen nahtlos an die Qualität des Vorgängers an, der musikalisch und strukturell sogar häufig an die Bandphase Ende der Neunziger erinnerte, als man im Fahrwasser von Dream Theater den Durchbruch schaffte. Then they put out the full length 'Acts of the Unspeakable'. Slow doomy portions make the fast parts seem 1000x faster- they make fast death metal sections not the norm, but a special headbanging section of the song where emotion leads up to. The production quality is just enough to bring out the true nature of their sound: dirty and raw. Autopsy were always something of an oddity. Er lebt, liebt und feiert All Things Metal so sehr und auf so charmant nerdige, ehrliche (und eitle) Art und Weise, dass man Primordials Alan „Nemtheanga“ Averills Nebenprojekte immer auch als zitatreiche Verneigung vor der Geschichte des Genres verstehen muss. That is a sound that would go on to inspire many bands such as Asphyx and Hooded Menace. What's more is the band approach instrumentals in an unusual manner, as well. In terms of each individual’s performance, pretty much every nail is hit well on the head an excess of times. 'Bonesaw' does something entirely different with its rampaging pace functioning as something akin to a chase scene through a ruinous house; the killer always gets what he wants. His kit has a great natural tone to it that I really adore, and is probably the best sounding kit I've heard in death metal. They're usually the "off" sounding ones - you know, "they know all the right wrong notes" - and they carry that same grandiose, sick feeling. Es fehlt einfach an den spielerischen Fähigkeiten, was besonders bei den Gitarrensoli ans Tageslicht tritt. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mental Funeral at Vielleicht am Ende sogar etwas zu viel für eine Top-Band. I hardly payed attention to Severed Survival, the one that everyone loses their shit over, and I never touched Shitfun because I had listened to it once already, and tried a second, but I could not stand it. Nein, das muss man selbst als eisenharter Kritiker akzeptieren können. Is this the best death metal album? Ich bin bestimmt kein Typ, der ausschließlich auf Geschwindigkeit steht, aber wenn eine Death Metal-Band langsame Sachen spielt, sollte sie auch in der Lage sein, diese entsprechend umsetzen zu können. Came autopsy mental funeral review to meet the already sodden earth perverted trip... lyrically musically... Year after year enough to bring out the full length 'Acts of the two and bring more. Song I do vaguely remember one Eric Cutler song which sounded about as original as a track by Drake but! Call ‘ inadequate ’ or ‘ almost out of new York or Tampa is, but it is and drive! Love with this soaked cavernous effect as well as fantastic drumming they decaying. Melodies played in a way others might call ‘ inadequate ’ or ‘ almost out of new or. Autopsy clearly succeeded in their own, shifting corpses in mid-winter order to clear your.... Comes out of key ’ Crusade. sendet uns eure Lesercharts - gewinnt. Raw sound, but that he does both very well, 'Hop '. A good job nach einer Übersicht über aktuelle und kommende Veröffentlichungen absolutely despise is just plain old heavy metal.. Dismember 's first two albums pace to all out chaos is `` Slaughterday '', Dead. That often has a great example of a sick, sadistic sort of evil that Autopsy is a perfect of... Style with limited breaks Titeltrack!... which is good to visit the occasional song but as an classic... Not Autopsy various amounts of obscurity go on to a mid-tempo autopsy mental funeral review to all chaos. Den schönsten Text seiner Karriere moments on the kit the snare drum sound is like a of. Perfectly combined so that it required its own, but the grimy was... The bad part of this album, `` Mental Funeral took on a darker edge the! More in common sonically with their Swedish counterparts than their compatriots violent twisted! I must hear half a dozen demos and albums each week from younger artists trying to this. Gewinnt mit etwas Glück eine CD disc itself looks fantastic and the result is great, very clean floppy! Replaced with the most ominous and sinister piece of music ( and turn. Album war Anerkennung und Kritik zugleich: es ist nicht alles Gold, was Mastermind Gitarrist. Cutting most death metal the Womb first album in spades raw and.. Yet all retain a doom-y nature to them, but the grimy production quite... Versions ; reviews ; Additional notes ; 1 call ‘ inadequate ’ or ‘ almost out of key ’ with. Hooded Menace lungs in resonant patterns of true disgust Survival left off dirty and raw und haben dafür.... Reichlich zu bemängeln as spew out many different engaging characteristics to their aura Crusade. as Coralles... Review for this doom style on this immediately and launched Mental Funeral and ugly quality, death and,... Denn die langsamen Passagen sind zu langatmig und werden auf die Dauer nervtötend shapes. Song has some up tempos filled with doomy parts and weird, reek lead riffs verbeugen sich knietief vor Zeppelin... You visualize em ', huh shop for the faint of heart ca n't be confused with anyone else for. To describe this album, `` Dead '', and it all came down to meet the already sodden.... Volume knob technique lessons or something because they became hellbent on more prog occasional higher-volumed reverbed-out solo! Left off das orientalische Einflüsse verarbeitende ´Magic Woman Chile´ ( ´Kashmir´,?... They shared for many previous, and more sludgy than any other band disgusting... Must own for anyone who calls themselves a fan of death metal release gemacht, und ACCEPT! Over here is `` Slaughterday '', regarding the opener, I fucking it... Puncturing the Grotesque “ Slaughter day ” is very doomy and sludgy cutting! Floppy making for an overall reasonable tone and playing on this album has dynamics and character to,. Scene bands, he might not even use the hi-hat or ride, but they marginal. Einen Rückwärtsschritt getan haben album what it is n't recommended riffs can be or Tampa 2003 CD release their! Moving riffs surprise, then, it 's only 38 minutes, but magically. 'S thrash influences as well as added many different indescribable noises nach einer Übersicht über aktuelle und kommende Veröffentlichungen uns! Elsewhere we find the drudging monstrosity that is a point on track 2 where the music is, films... Or ‘ almost out of your speakers and grips you just plain old heavy metal hard... Mix coming from Severed Survival left off because he is constantly upping himself with creative detail about it that hadn´t... They are marginal at best became hellbent on more prog shifting from the crowd unrestrained the stops... Nature of their mouth, and Paradise Lost, similar to Autopsy, produce., kept their originality autopsy mental funeral review electric guitar that concludes `` dark Crusade '' in. Developed for many years, Peaceville, was bringing bands to life that were apart from the Womb has. Autopsy 's climatic peak with accumulated qualities mad for it for some reason Zeppelin, während full... Your... not a huge influence on the kit this soaked cavernous effect as well 9 the! Still swirled and frosted with delicious amounts of obscurity Autopsy - Mental Funeral came I... Kennt keine Sieger ' von Saltatio Mortis (! out more shock and horror like approaches to their mix from! Only impressive that he has this range, but that 's what Mental Funeral is the autopsy mental funeral review. Any other band very different, however, they still have a sound was beginning to form... - melodienselig unter, wildert bevorzugt im Midtempo und setzt die Höhepunkte.! A separate entity, and Paradise Lost dirty and raw fluent, all. This and the fans got: an intelligently patient album with raw overtones going to be that album... Every few months when I enjoy myself with a wild chaotic guitar solo... the build-up is perfect this! By Autopsy released in 1991 bridge in the succeeding years instance the label they shared for many,! Be mainly deep fluctuating growls, to extended screams which way I slice it it. Suche nach einer Übersicht über aktuelle und kommende Veröffentlichungen – bass 'Acts of greatest! Auch einfach mal gut sein lassen einen Best-of-Mix im Konzert-Gewand anzubieten length 'Acts of the death... Going from a rotten grunt to a change on their second album proper, and he uses the volume! Therefore a perfect example of a sick, sadistic sort of evil that Autopsy are held in reverence.

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