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Crowns Crowns look like your own tooth. They do not come on and off.  Made of 100% porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain is very similar to glass. Crowns are primarily used to restore teeth that are missing a lot of tooth structured. This can be for many reasons.

Bridges Bridges are like multiple crowns in a row. They are used when teeth are missing. This is an option when, the teeth next to the missing tooth is missing a lot of tooth structure.

Implants Implants not only look like your own tooth; they act like your own tooth.  Implants can be used when a tooth or multiple teeth are missing. Implants are a titanium post that is placed in the area of the missing tooth. Then another post is placed inside and a crown is put on top. The implant receives no support from neighboring teeth.

Tooth Whitening Tooth whitening is a process of making your natural teeth whiter. There are two materials used for this. The over the counter whiteners do not work as well as the dentist material due to the potency.

Partials This is used to replace missing teeth. The teeth come in and out. There are different reasons why these are chosen over something that does not come in and out (crowns and implants) mainly cost, amount of bone and combination of remaining teeth.

Complete Dentures Complete dentures are a  prostheses used to replace all missing teeth. The patient can take this in and out.

Implant over dentures An implant over dentures is a prostheses used to replace all missing.  The prostheses snaps into the implants. The patient can take this in and out. The benefit of this is that the denture is very secure and does not move.

Hybrid Hybid prostheses used to replace all missing teeth. The prosthesis is supported by implants and cannot be taken out by the patient. The benefit is that it feels more like your own teeth.

Bondings  Bondings can also be called white fillings. The formal name is composite. These are esthetically pleasing because they are white. They actually bond to the tooth. They can be sued as fillings after decayed is removed or to esthetically reshape a tooth.

Silver fillings Silver fillings are amalgams. This is a metal filling that is a mixture of different metals. These fillings have been used for many years. They are proven very safe. These are great in situations where moisture is hard to control.

White versus Silver fillings Both can be used for the same situation. White fillings bond to the teeth. Silver fillings do not. Silver fillings can tolerate some moisture, as compared to white fillings that cannot.

Veneers Veneers are restorations used to change the appearance of teeth. Very little tooth structure is removed to enable the boding of the veneer. These can be used to alter shape, color and spaces. The veneers are made of porcelain and custom made in a lab. This material does not stain over time.

Full mouth reconstruction A full mouth reconstruction is when comprehensive treatment is needed. Both function and esthetics need to be dealt with involving the whole mouth. Often this is due to multiple tooth loss, severe cavities and worn down teeth.

Night Guards Night guards are removable prostheses shaped like a horse shoe that fits over your teeth. This is custom made for your teeth.  It is used to alleviate the force of grinding and clenching, which cause destruction to teeth.

Six month smiles This is used to move teeth to make it more esthetic. This is only for cosmetic purposes. It is not used to adjust bites. It is limited to adults. Clear brackets and elastics along with white wires are used. The treatment is shortened to only six months.