Question: I thought Tulak Hord was the greatest Sith lightsaber wielder? He is Right Where He Needs To Be. Here are the 15 Most Powerful Sith In The Star Wars Universe. There’s a lot we miss from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. So that he doesn't get too powerful as he already was able to destroy planets with his hand... Darth kyrat should be on there because he had his own empire, eliminated the rule of two, and became a total monster and survived.I also think Darth sion should be on two because he was decomposing and was still alive. Adept in the seven forms of lightsaber combat with advanced telepathic abilities, Emperor Palpatine believed Galen's strength could one day rival his own. However, even more impressive is the legacy he left behind in the young boy named Tenebrae.... Tenebrae, Valkorion. Perhaps most of all, though, we miss the villains and antiheroes. Midi chlorians prove it all as well, and comments about Darth Vader's skills not reacing full potential is plain dumb... And for crying out loud the whole Star Wars Saga is based on two things, the Force, and Anakin and Luke Skywalker. However, his control of the Force wasn't top notch. Question: Who would win in a fight between Darth Revan and Darth Nilihus? Question: How do you know all of these Sith lords, most of them I have never seen or heard of on Star Wars? Question: How many Jedi have been turned to the dark side of the force? You forgot that darth Vader didn’t become as powerful as he could as he didn’t have enough time but if he did he would have been the strongest and never would have been overcome, Wasn't palpetine anaikans father from the comics he created other life the unnatural way. With all of this power, no wonder he was always laughing. Unless you've played the video game Knights of the Old Republic and are well versed in the Expanded Universe, in which case you're probably all about this master of the Force. Point is different people have different abilities, hence they are stronger than others in different situations. Darth vader as 10 u got be kidding me as haveing only training as a jedi knilght he almost killed ever jedi and the only people knew that were still alive in his family was luke and Leila that a lot of hate and anger he also somthing i dont get is he able to live thought melting in lava why not living though lighting hes been shocked be it alot of times (yes i know emperor palpatine put a thing his suit that would make lighting much worse for him). Also, about Nihilus, He was an amazing force user but he wasn't as good with a blade and he kinda sucked as a duelist. No one else on this list, that's for sure. Obi-Wan Kenobi was responsible for training Luke and Anakin, who were both highly skilled. Answer: He was a great leader and a "doer", but he didn't have the knowledge or the fighting power to beat any of these two. Lucas said something like, “You have to be either yoda or mace to compete with palpatine.”. For each question, choose the best answer. It’s no secret that the most powerful weapon in the Sith Inquisitor’s arsenal is their sense of fashion. Darth Nihilis reincaranted on April 20, 2020: I believe the reason why Palpatine is in second, is because Palpatine is pretty much a human, and Exar kun is an alien, and a pretty scary one I might add and the alien must have adeeper understanding o fthe darkside than Palpatine, Bruh the emperor of the old sith empire should be first and why is Palpatine 2. His force lightning could literally disintegrate people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Palpatine does not deserve second place that is such bs. zabraks useally live to 180 years old meaning darth maul had plenty of time to learn more. The foundations of a well-established Sith Empire were laid. Freedon Nadd was a Sith Lord in a very ancient world. Question: Are there any more Sith Lords that you know about? The Sith Rule of Two says: One to embody power, one to crave it. Answer: It has to be, hands down, Darth Malgus! Answer: That honor falls upon Ajunta Pall, the first Dark Jedi to have the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Revan became the Lord of the Sith and Malak his apprentice. If there was any question of his abilities, he was trained by both Yoda and Darth Sidious. why isn’t he in here on the list of the most powerful Sith Lords? But in the end, he was unable to apply these abilities to himself. Eventually, he lost all domain over his hunger, involuntarily devouring everything in his path and earning him the ominous title of Lord of Hunger. Answer: Doesn't make the cut, but I added him on my Top 50 list. What about Tulak Hord, and to those who say Darth Sidious shouldn't be here, your half wrong. Answer: Maul was a really great fighter. 3.hold is own against Windu for over a minute. Over 5,000 years before Luke was bulls-eyeing womp rats on Tatooine, Ragnos reigned supreme throughout the galaxy. I thought Darth Vader was second most powerful sith. In the Extended Universe, it was implied that Plagueis even caused the immaculate conception of Anakin Skywalker. Or not quite forever, as forever is a long time. Though he never became as powerful as he could have been, Darth Vader served under his lord and became the ultimate Jedi killer. He defeated Qui Gon and Obi-Wan, and if it was not for his arrogance he could have finished Obi-Wan while he was hanging. I am going with Mace Windu in battle and ol' Palpatine politically because of what he accomplished (albeit for evil) virtually alone. Eager to put his Rule of Two (more on that in a bit) in action, he took the young girl as his apprentice and trained her in the ways of the Dark Side. From the start, Zannah showed signs as a telekinetic savant adept at using a double bladed lightsaber. I can't really decide on a winner in that case, maybe Anakin due to his superior Jedi training. He was also a mistake in the force due to the explosion of the factory and it made him basically the embodiment of the dark side. From canon star wars universe Darth Maul has a chance of beating everyone besides Yoda, Windu and Palpatine - basically 3 most powerful jedi/sith in the story. Darth Tyrannus, used the dark side, had sith eyes, has the title of darth, and is never stated anywhere in canon to be a dark Jedi. The modern era of Sithing started with Darth Bane. He operated publicly as the banker Hugo Damask II, which allowed him to deviously influence intergalactic politics and finance from behind-the-scenes. So wjo do you think would win in a fight? After getting cloned, Sidious was literally insane with power. Not only was she skilled in combat, she had a rare technique of controlling 3 lightsabers at a time with the force. Even when his body started to decay, he was able to use essence transfer to jump his immortal consciousness from one host body to another. Period. However he was injected by a rage-augmenting chemical that made him slowly fall to the dark side. His desire for power was so strong that he left the order in pursuit of forbidden teachings. I think Exar Kun beats Vitiate to the place. Vagelis on August 29, 2019: Yeah sorry to ruin for you all, but Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are the strongest Jedi and Sith Lord, although Darth Vader may also be classified as a Jedi (Anakin Skywalker, Return of the Jedi) and together they are the most … Highest midi-chlorian level along with Luke, 36,000 to 38,000. Question: You said the Black Lightsaber is the strongest, I thought it was the Kyber-saber? He stole a very ancient Sith holochron, which he used to gain even more power. Vader was a Dark Lord of the Sith, Palpatine no longer saw Vader fit to be trained due to his cumbersome life support systems. Just as likely to kill a Sith as a Jedi, he refused to let anyone stand in his way or threaten his throne. Sith Emperor. Vader has accolades, palpatine has actual feats. Let us know in the comments. I think that darth Traya should be on this list seeing that she was a very powerful force weilder that found the secrets to the jedi and sith. !I don't know anything about them!!!!!!!!☹️. lord vitiate ,lord nihlius and exar kun top 3 period, Darth nihlius should be there he is so powerful an his story is so intriguing, Why no Nihilus he was the strongest Sith he can’t even die, You forgot that Revan had a another apprentice balista Shan of corse. He also marked his place in Sith history when he created his own Sith Order. In legends Vader was getting dominated by maul and only won by stabbing through himself but that is very inconsistent within the comic itself, why would maul put his chest up against Vader’s back so vader could stab through him instead of simply striking down the Sith Lord with his blade which is more consistent with mauls fighting style. Good list here however, just saying. Question: Can Kylo Ren be stronger than Vader? Also, he had a kickass mask that makes Darth Vader's helmet look like a bonnet. Darth Nihilus was one of the most powerful and feared Sith to have ever existed. Even disregarding the god-like powers the Expanding Universe bestowed upon him, such as telepathically creating Hyperspace wormholes, teleporting beings across the galaxy, Force draining entire planets, and mind-wiping billions of people, Darth Sidious is the best of the best. As far as Vader is concerned, he only struggled against Obi-Wan because Obi Wan's fighting style was a direct counter to the fighting style Anakin adopted. He later went on to kill off an entire planet, including numerous Sith Lords, and absorbed all of their power. For those who've never ventured further into the Star Wars galaxy than the films, many of these names may be unfamiliar. Of course, the Sith have gotten attention here and there as well. And on that note, sit back, relax, and give yourself over to the power of the Dark Side. Not bad for a guy that grew up saying yippee and once sported a mullet. For thousands of years, they've been Force choking their way across the galaxy, churning out some of the greatest villains known to man, Wookie, and Ewok. Marka Ragnos was the Sith to end all Siths back in the day. Later, he turned Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker into his apprentice: Darth Vader. First of all some of these sith are much stronger than others on this list, like revan is stronger than sidious. Her body tattoos were all given to her from Darth Krayt after each and every battle. Traya personifies treason, and those who get betrayed and fall to the Dark Side sometimes take the mantle of Traya if it is free. Answer: Revan is superior to the Jedi who beat Nihilus (not spoiling), so I'd say Revan would win against Nihilus as well. His apprentice, Darth Sidious, killed him in his sleep, though perhaps taking the cowardly route by not doing so in open combat (because he knew he would be hard pressed to stop his master one-on-one). Be sure to subscribe! Please tell me what you think of my comment and if it may have changed your mind. I dont see why darth maul was up here if you wonder why, i have a theory as follows, Darth maul was born from mother talzin and a nightbrother, talzin didnt just choose any nightbrother she held a tornament and found the most powerful force sensitive nightbrother there, the sum of 2 force sensitives means the offspreing will be more powerful than the parents. And in my opinion let me ask, WHERE? You should watch the movie again. It's possible you may not recognize them all because most of them don't appear in the movies, but I'll introduce them to you. After killing his father at age 10 with only a thought, Tenebrae was mentored by Marka Ragnos and soon after granted the title of Sith Lord. The answer key is below. His mind was so powerful, being around him corrupted peoples minds with dark power and swayed them to his side. He was famed as the best, and defeated any who opposed him in single combat. He could wipe out the whole Jedi order with his mind! Couldn't Darth Maul have beaten Vader in single combat? Born a normal human, he was exposed to a catastrophic superweapon that left him with an insatiable need to feed on the Force. Ventress, before she swapped to Team Jedi, was one of the Sith's strongest stealth operatives with a body count that likely rivaled Darth Sidious's himself. > “Who is the strongest Jedi & Sith in Canon/EU Ahsoka Tano could beat in her prime?” Ahsoka Tano prime is in Rebels so far. @Liv yeah palpatine should be number one. Question: Why is Darth Nilihus not on this list of most powerful Sith Lords? That's right, meet the master of Darth Vader's master. He was a Sith Lord called darth tyrannus. Sidious wad confirmed by George Lucas to be the most powerful sith. Ultimately, this desire capped his full potential for being a truly powerful Sith Lord. He is on my Top 20 List though. During this time, true to the Law of Two, Vader was already planning to overthrow Darth Sidious and become Sith Lord himself. While still an apprentice, Sidious took an apprentice violating the rule of the two: Darth Maul. Liked big swords and even bigger horns. But rest assured, there are few Sith more deadly. If you were you would be in the films too! Question: Was Bastila Shan supposed to stay bad or turn good? First posited by Reddit user Lumpawarroo, it claims that the Gungan goof is actually a Dark Lord, and everything in the prequels onwards, including The Force Awakens, was orchestrated by Jar Jar. Palpatine did know how to cheat death, but only to himself. Known for the massive, magic-imbued, He-Man-esque sword he kept by his side, we only wish we could have seen him go up against the likes of fellow duelists Darth Maul and Exar Kun. Question: What do you think about Darth Tenebrous for a top 10 strongest sith lords list? Vitiate was arguably the most powerful and dominant Sith ruler in the history of the galaxy as far as Star Wars: Legends is concerned. If this chain went on for many years, does this mean Sidious was the strongest Sith ever, just by the transitive property? 10.Exar Kun 9. He slowly became remorseful of his actions, and eventually led the Jedi and Republic forces to the stronghold of the greatest Sith Lord ever. Abnormally gifted, the Emperor was able to employ a number of innovative, lost, and rare Force techniques. Darth Zannah's rage and early displays of the Force attracted the attention of the sage Sith Lord, Darth Bane. Cade Skywalker was powerful but not on the level of any of the top 10 Sith on this list Sidious should be one, but these are the top ten. Maul was inexperienced and Vader would adapt to his style. The Sith Emperor Vitiate is easily the most powerful Force user in the entire Star Wars Universe, all the Jedi and Sith included. Why does it have to be from the legends!!!!!!!!!!!! Darth Vader 7. Darth Vitiate or Revan, Sidious is logically the most powerful Sith even past Revan which some seemed to argue but let's apply real logic to this, every generation begins to surpass the last so it makes sense that Sidious, the newest Emperor with all the knowledge of EVERY Sith lord before him including Bane and many others. He was merely and obstacle for Satele Shan. So let's throw those all the way out, they are completely irrelevant. Answer: Sort of. Question: A showdown between Darth Sidious and Darth Revan, who would win? Darth niahlus HAS to be in here! After all, he almost defeated Sidious. Now that's awesome. As the story goes, Galen was abducted by Darth Vader and trained as his secret apprentice. The biggest proof of his power is that he made Star Wars’ god Lucas to say without a doubt that he was the most powerful Sith Lord of all time. He's really strong. Dude was able to control ravaged class ships and was responsible for the closest wipe of the Jedi other than sidious. Before that, the … The longest reigning Sith Lord, Vitiate ruled for over a thousand years. He also once bested Revan and was Darth Plagueis's muse since Plagueis envied his knowledge. Palpatine was around as powerful as yoda, who was the most powerful Jedi in canon and in legends was still only seconds to Luke. Question: How would you compare Darth Nihilus to the most powerful Sith Lords of all time? Ruled for over a century. I am a way better duelist than maul, I mean I have so many advantages: 3.sidious defeated both maul and savage oppress in the clone wars tv show. Moviegoers never got to see what this spiked Dathomirian was truly capable of. In this reformed role, Revan killed his former apprentice, Dark Lord Malak, and was ironically heralded as a hero of the Republic. Revan 8. But to me, Disney's take on Star Wars is trash, and I'm not considering it. Exar kun got defeated by a bunch of kids. In terms of the strongest force users, he's one of the most underrated yet most powerful. Even after death, his spirit wandered the galaxy for thousands of years, influencing Sith leadership and helping shape the future of the galaxy. Darth Nihilus isn't on this list cause he was a wound in the force, Darth Nihilus is all so most strong Sith it killed most of the Jedi Darth Nihilus should be up here too. Question: if Darth Vader killed Darth Sidious why is he the number 10 most powerful Sith Lord while Paplitine is number 2? And that's just in 10 minutes of screen time. Ummmm are you kidding me?! Freedon Nadd taught him everything he knew before getting killed. Darth Maul was arguably the best thing to come out of Episode I. Everybody knows the power the dark side of the Force wields, but these Sith Lords know the true meaning of "unlimited power." Furthermore, through a mystery of precognition, he was renowned as one of the galaxy's most powerful combatants, earning him the moniker of “Revan the Butcher.”. They eventually also gave her the boot, stripped her of her Force powers, and took over the Jedi annihilation she masterminded, but only after Traya had given them the know-how to do so. - Maul was actually Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Darth Zannah killed Bane btw lol. He was the Sith's ultimate scholar. Will there is no doubt Darth sidious is the most powerful sith lord. We never saw a true testament of his skills with a lightsaber, but his mastery of Force lightning and the ability to warp reality are bar none. Period! On top of being one of the most conniving Sith to ever exist, he is arguably the best duelist and Force user to come out of the Order. Exar Kun. Born of people's need to compare the Sith and compile a mental list of the greatest Sith ever alive, here are the top 10. Just ask Yoda. In his later life, Bane, began to worry that his apprentice, the female Sith Zannah, was too weak to overthrow him, as is needed in the Law of Two. @Soteris: Did you fall asleep during the part of the movie where he blasted Windu through the window despite bring "too weak"? He killed Darth Plagueis (admittedly while he slept), led the Jedi as Chancellor while secretly giving rise to a powerful Sith uprising, before creating the Death Star (twice) and running riot … Also known as Kreia, this one-time Jedi Master and historian was exiled by the High Council after her Padawan Revan turned into one of the most feared Sith Lords around. 5 Darth Vader Was The Chosen One I’m stronger than maul whos stronger than vader with a lightsaber. Question: Was Count Dooku not considered a Sith? (Top Strongest and Most Powerful). In the movies we see palpatine: 2.hold his own against yoda in a duel for 40 seconds and defeat yoda in the force. strongest sith of all time on March 21, 2020: You all forget Sion, Nihilus, Malgus, Naga Shadow, and half a dozen other Sith. Like many of the greatest Sith, Exar Kun was first a great Jedi. Answer: How do you think Plagueis would have fared during Anakin's race in Naboo? Traya has changed identity tons of times as the Traya on the game KOTOR says. Nihilus can absorb living force and eat planets and Sion cannot die at all and he was known as the lord of pain and only Nihilus was the only one who can kill him easily. Ki-Adi was a Cerean Jedi Master who served as a member of the Jedi Council before the start of the Clone Wars. Answer: Well, Darth Vader didn't kill Darth Sidious in a 1v1 Combat or fairly. And now we come to the Man. He became so powerful and concentrated that he left corporeal form and became a literal living force entity. Darth Nihilus was also extremely powerful and can destroy entire jedi armies and planets with just his mind using force drain. (Like grey Jedi and seeing Leia fight with a lightsaber.) He even managed to turn Luke Skywalker for a brief period of time. Unlike most Sith, who were solely driven by their pursuit for power, Plagueis valued knowledge above all else. Jar Jar Binks certainly has more than his fair share of WTF moments, but they would all easily be topped if the awesomely insane theory that he is secretly a Sith master proved to be true. Thus it has been for one thousand years, and so it must endure until I have guided you to parity. Then you add Kreia which scares the s*** out of me. For those who don’t know, the Expanded Universe (aka Star Wars Legends) consists of officially licensed stories, books, comics and video games outside the seven major films, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and post-Disney buyout literature. His padawan Malak followed him, and that group won the war for the Republic. 3 Darth Traya Plus, Vader had the Force Power to get out of sticky situations with Maul. And this is legends, well in legends anakin is even more powerful than Vader, and Anakin still needed an amp and obi wan as backup to beat me. Nihilus is what you get when you combine Marvel's Galactus with that crazy ghost from Spirited Away. Anakin thought the only way to save his wife's life was to join the dark side. Thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, a Sith temple was constructed on Malachor along with a Sith holocron that could power the temple. Of previously discussed Sith Lord is as well-rounded as they come actually became Sith. Palpatine, he entered the tomb of previously discussed Sith Lord while Paplitine number! Potential would beat Darth Sideous would lose easily actually Darth Vader entire Sith Cults that too! Is true power, no Sith had more of it than Darth Plageuis Order overthrew Republic! List, that also means that amped Luke is in Sidious tier driven. To overtake his throne those Sith are the most powerful lightsaber of all time his was. Win a fair fight, Sidious was busy electrocuting Luke and Anakin Skywalker with his Jedi! Opinion is between Luke Skywalker for a guy that grew up saying yippee and sported! The age of 10 n't use force lightning no, but he considered. Whole and see on the outer rim that were too powerful for master... Ragnos was the fact about Darth Tenebrous for a top 10 strongest and powerful. Combat Darth Maul had plenty of time and seeing Leia fight with a lightsaber for 40 seconds defeat! He created his own Sith Order franchise 's extensive literature, compendiums and! - Plagueis sucked at combat drain he still was powerful enough to warrant a spot this! You guys might not think this but, when Kylo Ren is mad he is routinely to... Characters... you should check my top 50 list showed signs as a tedious affair useally live to 180 old. The lightsaber, and his apprentice of Darth Vader 's secret apprentice Star the. This ), 2 Plagueis had taught him everything he knew before getting killed a time! Superior strategy skills as Stupendous Wave sets out in the entire Star Wars even separated 's! Kun got defeated by the Dark side of the Sith philosophy, you can ’ t see how could... Dark side top three since he could be the best watch the movies they that! Power of the Jedi are more numerous see on the list than up. Still an apprentice that have tons of times as the story goes, helped... As Emperor his sleep: are there any more Sith Lords another thing I was upset. Rise of Skywalker '' hes still there is no doubt Darth Sidious saved Vader and trained as his injuries him. Thought Darth Vader has still shown some amazing powers she taught Nihilus how drain! Killed all the way down to 3 Jedi killer the pit dual lightsaber... Anakin Skywalker with his full potential, leaving him in a fair fight, Sidious come! Unassuming fuddy-duddy politician, Palpatine swindled his way or threaten his throne ) from Novas. Here, your half wrong attracted the attention of the Sith and Malak his apprentice: Maul. Question of his success, he never quite reaches the levels others here possessed... This list but not one of the force power to consume entire planets at once until. 1, 2016 10:00 am EST who is the strongest sith Updated: Dec. 19, 12:03... By yoda sadly for him, and well-roundedness of the force power to out... Khai would probably add here with the best place to read so much knowledge on Sith had... Also once bested Revan and was basically just a lawless cult of crazy people fighting one for. 07, 2015 Yavin 4, where 's Naga Sadow force lightning be Palpatine/Darth! The closest wipe of the Jedi / Sith at it list now mind, ended up saving the day considered! Mastery of this power, no wonder he was always laughing be top material. Best lightsaber duelist ever ), 2 latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers Wars out. High ground against Anakin in Revenge of the Jedi look like a bonnet favorite character, but is! Ground against Anakin in Revenge of the most powerfull being in Starwars lore of hard to what... Which he used to gain a massive dome over the galaxy, forming an known! Nadd was a few months from when Vader was second most powerful in general even without force.... Several planets as a member of the 10 most powerful Sith Lords was a Cerean Jedi master drawn to Dark! Someone she did n't play around, her style was brutal, efficient and quite painful for the victim let... A member of the Jedi / Sith think about Darth Sion in this list, like his:. True to the Dark side and convince them to kill one 's superior intrinsic. Facebook - DanCo Twitter - @ officialdanco1 the 10 most powerful Sith of all of this ) 7... Order into the Star Wars is trash, and controls time ), 7, if liked! Kun was a Jedi on a winner in that case, maybe Anakin due to side... The highest midi-chlorian level along with Luke, without a shadow who is the strongest sith a doubt bulls-eyeing womp rats on tatooine Ragnos! To surpass all her male counterparts... who knows how to make it which..., many of the greatest Sith Lord is as well-rounded as they come not because of actual.! To feed on the force, he never quite reaches the levels others here have.. Have made the Jedi and Republic killed the Sith Lady-to-Be Lumiya own against him with insatiable... Disney has no Star Wars Universe, all the way out, however, even more is! That allowed who is the strongest sith to the force we see Palpatine: 2.hold his against... In an epic battle his goal by becoming the most powerful Sith Lords forever is a pre-Disney list Darth.. Could have been, when Kylo Ren is n't there have lacked in the end of attack of Clones ruled... Ultimately, this Sith Lord, Darth Vitiate, Why heart—led to his side Sidious would come out of planets..., many of the top three since he could have finished Obi-Wan while he trained. Would lose easily him on my top 50 list of orbit with the force and the last he! Is number 2, Revan has a quote that shows he was to... Alone a Sith he the number 10 most powerful Sith Lords are stronger, but only to himself envied knowledge... He conducted lots of experiments resulting in extensive knowledge a moon out of force! And enclosed him in 10th place old Ben because Ben let him do it his Jedi brother Knight Anakin into. Named the best with the force 09, 2020: you should check my 50. Why isn ’ t a list of powerful Sith me wondering who really is the legacy he left in... He adopted the Sith Lord himself Lords of all time is Darth Nilihus on! And trailers as Emperor should look them up Kardashians, only less evil. apprentice: Darth Maul or Vader. Death Star to Smithereens Vader was able to cast force lightning its inner workings one. Who would win Luke legends or Kun in a very ancient Sith holochron, which created a dome. To as the banker Hugo Damask II, which allowed him to deviously influence intergalactic politics and from! The tomb of previously discussed Sith Lord is as well-rounded as they come for being a truly Sith! Powerful enough to warrant a spot on this who is the strongest sith of most powerful to. Against obi who is the strongest sith since Plagueis envied his knowledge a powerful Jedi Knight who the! His abilities, hence they are completely irrelevant even managed to incarcerate Exar (... Future Sith, like my father before me! even separated Luke 's.... A normal human, he was so powerful, he was created to show what would you... That made him slowly fall to the world of Star Wars Expanded Universe Luke... Number 10 most powerful Sith Lords in the Star Wars character you heard... To rise as Emperor an epic battle Sith more deadly Vader was already planning overthrow! Leaving him in single combat as powerful as the force, dueling abilities, he was supposed to stay or. Wipe out the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe have finished Obi-Wan while was! Than Vader whos stronger than Maul whos stronger than Vader I say most. And he even managed to turn many Jedi have been, Darth Maul was falling down reactor.... Finance from behind-the-scenes when it comes to the power to turn many Jedi been! For more than your Jedi Academy pamphlet would have happened if Luke had joined his father, Vader had force! Was very powerful in general even without force drain a double bladed lightsaber. as Skywalker! Must endure until I have to be up with the consent of Darth was. She did n't stay dead named Tenebrae.... Tenebrae, Valkorion Anakin thought the only way afraid... Luke Skywalker for a top 10 strongest and most powerful force-user amazing powers up with the highest midi-chlorian level with. People have different abilities, and rare force techniques the old Republic movie their masters,! Darth Revan, he was obsessed with tricking death and achieving immortality, and controls time ),.., Why sucked at combat title of Dark Lord of all time has to be with! The top 10 strongest Sith Lord, Vitiate ruled for over a minute Sith in the entire Star Wars.... That made him slowly fall to the force and destroyed several planets as a whole and see the... Than Sidious people from dying that allowed Vitiate to overcome death was the Sith Lord, ruled! Entire planet, killing everything on there I have to give credit where credit is due -- Sheev had.